Selasa, 20 September 2011

Command, Request and Pemission (kalimat perintah, Permohonan dan Ijin)

A Command is a sentence to instruct to do what someone else wants.
Command can be formed with Verb 1 and Noun.

 Example :
  1. Open your book !
  2. Close the door !
  3. Sit down on the chair !
REMEMBER !  when you construct the command, you have to put " ! " to emphasize your request.

Request and Permission
Have the similiar function as command. but they are different in their level of politeness. Request and permission are more polite than command.

Example :
  1. May I borrow your pen, please ?
  2. Could you help me, please ?
  3. Would you get my book in the desk, please ?

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